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We source raw materials from reliable suppliers of dried herbs in Poland and seed spices from around the World.


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Chudziński Spices , Dzialki 3, 62-561 Slesin, Poland


About Us

We are small family-owned herbs producing company based in Kuyavian region in Poland. 

Chudzinski is led by its founder, Marek which together with his brother and daughters are continuing the expansion of the company.


the location

Headquaters Slesin

 Dzialki 3, 62-561 Slesin, Poland

We are very proud and fortunate to grow and supply herbs that are coming from our region and are recognized all over the Europe.

With customers located in multiple countries – we are supplying herbs, tea-blends, medicinal herbs and spices in the food industry.


Our business is based on 3 principles

Direct Source – Knowing every single producer of herbs in our region enable us to create a direct link to a source of the raw material and its building a partnership that have already lasted more than 25 years.

Sustainability – With locally grown products and with our processing plant located in the herbs production center we have eliminated the problem of raw materials supplies from far countries. Every herb we offer is produced in Poland.

Product Safety – Analyzing all incoming raw material at purchases point so you don’t have to worry about it. All raw materials are cleaned on our machinery equipment and with external laboratory regular checks we provide a product that is safe to our customers.



What we offer ?


Medicinal Plants



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Chudziński Spices
Dzialki 3,
62-561 Slesin, Poland

Phone Number

+48 605 202 309

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